16000 High Flow Pump, quantity 10+

16000 High Flow Pump

Max Flow with 1.2µm filter: 20 L/m. Max Flow, free air: 30 L/m

Dimensions: W 200 x H 130 x D 216 mm

Supplied with battery, battery charger and flow trimmer.

For use at higher flow rates but still compact in size. Maintains a set flow rate to within +/- 5%. Maximum run period is five hours continuous use or for timed/automatic stop pumps click here. Flow rate is easily adjustable with a flow trimmer which is supplied with the pump, for extra trimmers click here.


For quick release masts as featured in second picture (with HF812), click here.


Pricing for mulitple:

1+ : £530.00

5+: £510.00

10+ : £489.00


SKU: SP021

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