Acetone Vaporiser, 110V

The J S Holdings design of hot block Acetone Vaporiser for the rapid clearing of membrane filters on site or in the lab, as described in MDHS 39/4. The filter is mounted onto a microscope slide and Acetone is injected into the Vaporiser which then vaporises and discharges onto the filter. Each filter uses only 0.4ml of Acetone and takes only five seconds. When all of the Acetone has evaporated a drop of Triacetine is applied and a cover slip is placed over the filter. The slide is then placed on the integral hot plate for approximately ten minutes before analysis.
Supplied with syringe
110V AC (fitted with IP44 Plug, please ask if you would prefer anything else) 100Watts
Dimensions: W 90 x H 130 x D 195 mm

SKU: AS012

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