HF812L Lightweight High Flow Pump, quantity 10+

The Hf812 Lightweight Pump

The idea of the 812 Lightweight Pump came from speaking to our customers and dicussing the difficulty of travelling to and from site with lots of equipment and multiple pumps. Take the standard Hf812 pump as a base, halve the weight and reduce the size by a quarter, fill that smaller pump with a refined motor and battery combination, and importantly ensure that performance was not compromised in any way! The Hf812L.

50% lighter and 25% smaller than the Hf812. Still runs at up to 12 L/min with a 0.8µm or 1.2µm filter. Flowrate is very smooth, accurate and adjustable from 5 to 12.5 L/min. The Hf812L's size and lack of weight make it easy to carry and transport.

The battery is the latest NiMH technology and this and the battery charger are both included in the price shown.

Masts available with this product, click here.

Dimensions: 15cm wide x 11cm high x 18cm deep.


With Battery: 2.62 kg

Without Battery: 1.83 kg

Run time using 1.2µm filter at 8L/min is 6.5 hours and at 12 L/min is 4.5 hours.

Run time using 0.8 µm filter at 8L/min is 6.0 hours and at 10 L/min is 4.0 hours.


Discounts are applied at higher quantities:

1 - 4: £ 365.00

5 - 9: £ 354.00

10+:  £ 344.00





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